House Sale Options was started to "HELP" people in financial need,
To refurbish, decorate, repair, keep or sell their homes at the best price...

About Us

Jim is a builder with many years of working with contractors and landlords to refurbish houses and I help people with debt problems. As banks stopped lending and people have started losing their homes, we decided to start - HOUSE SALE OPTIONS.

Sample Image We help people in difficult situations:
The property market has collapsed and properties are 30% less than in 2009. Its difficult to sell homes and houses 'that do sell' must be in top condition. We bring empty or distressed homes back into use and it is our experience 'a major reason homes fall into dissrepair' is because - people simply can't afford to do the work.

We are NOT a "SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST" company, interested in taking advantage of people and offering home owners 50% of the actual value for a cash sale. We are a "HOME PARTNER" our mission is to help get market value for your home, when you cannot afford to. We are a "UNIQUE FAMILY BUSINESS" who know (first-hand) how people are being taken advantage of and are losing their homes and we want to help those in that situation.

"..We started as a friend our ours unknowingly to us was in the same position with tragic consequences. We hope to help as many people as possible, to sell or save their home."

We strive to be the most trustworthy, reliable, independent property buyer in the UK. 

Sample ImageDepending on each individual situation, where possible, we will reach an agreement to buy and sell your home. On reaching a mutually agreed sales price (we will undertake all the necesarry refurbishment and building works) to bring your home to a standard where it can be sold on the open market. Our costs and any profits will be recouperated from the open-market sales price.

*We will pay all legal and survey fees and on completion of the sale, our solicitor will issue the agreed price to you with no deductions.

Our Code of Practice

House Sale Options will ensure that, where applicable, our clients always receive the following:
  • FREE independent legal advice using only Law Society solicitors
  • FREE independent RICS Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors valuations to confirm market values of properties – these will then enable a purchase price to be confirmed
  • FREE no obligation consultations and offers
  • Polite, professional and prompt response, normally within 1 working day, and you will always be dealt with in a sympathetic way
  • Your information and any dealings with House Sale Options will be treated in a sensitive and confidential manner, also in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • All offers will be explained in a clear and transparent way, and final offers will be valid for 28 days
  • No hidden costs whatsoever
  • In the event of us being unable to help you other alternatives will be explored to assist you in the best possible way
  • During the purchase process we will endeavour to contact you weekly to keep you sufficiently informed
  • Our marketing will never be misleading and all documentation will be presented in plain English
  • We encourage you to explore all options to resolve your situation, as well as by selling your property below market value.

* Please CALL 07794 632750 or 07831 194449 TODAY - Or fill in the form on this page!