These are just some of the services.
You can expect when you Partner with House Sale Options.

Examples Of The Work We Do

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Get a New Kitchen.

The centre and the heart of the home and its most important room. Its well-known that most buyers are put off if the kitchen doesn't work. If your house is "not selling" you can be pretty sure the kitchen is a main culprit. We also know the importance for the resale of your property and we spend up to £10,000 on client kitchens.
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Get a New Bathroom.

The second most important room in your house, as far as selling it is concerned. When polled 45% of people said that if a bathroom needed to be completely redone, that the cost of plumbing, what suite, tiling and accesories would, put them off buying that house.
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Double Glazing.

From two different perspectives, double glazing is vitally important. (1) Aethestically how it make your home look from the outside and (2) Energy efficiency, so important for keeping your house warm and as an aid to help reducing those heating bills.