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Our Services

There are so many people today stuck in properties that they can’t sell due to a variety of reasons.  It can be that they have 'negative or little equity' in their property. Maybe the property  won’t sell as it’s 'run down' or in need of 'extensive repair'. Perhaps its an 'inherited property' that is so dated it’s not selling.

Whether you have 'problems selling', you might need a 'repossession halted', you want to be 'debt-free' or a cash agreement to allow you to 'relocate or emigrate', mend a 'broken chain', or just walk away from the emotional ties of an inherited, or separation property.


Refurbish Sale Option

The Refurbishment Option, is our core service and the reason we launched. We basically help people who have distressed properties that they need too but cant afford to sell at the kind of prices they are being offered.

We contract to carry out all remedial works to bring the house to market standard and we sell the property, the owner is paid the agreed price on completion.

Assisted Sale Options

The Assisted Sale is an agreement to negotiate with your creditors and pay any arrears, to gain more time to sell or stop a repossession. We will carry out decorative works to enhance the home, to sell whether through our own marketing, or in conjuction with an estate agent (the choice is yours).

We will conduct all viewings, we will pay legal and conveyancing fees up to £1000. You will receive the agreed sales price on completion. (usually takes around 12 weeks) during this time we will pay all mortgage payments due.

Stop Repossession

Repossession Option: Repossession has become a daily event but it doesn't have to be this way! The good news is that House Option Sales can help you stop repossession at any time.

We can obtain a stay of repossession from the court. If necessary, we can accompany you to attend the court hearing and produce evidence that the sale of your property has already been agreed. The sale can then be completed within 28 days. Even if you are being evicted on the day, we can still stop it.

Inherited House

The Inherited House Probate or inherited property often entails lengthy and complicated legal procedures that compound an already difficult and stressful situation. If a loved one dies and you inherit their UK home or property. This may seem like a fairly straightforward equation; however it has a range of possible complications– apart from the obvious emotions of sorrow and loss that you are experiencing.

Complications could be that you live on the other side of the country, or globe, you have no intention of moving into the inherited property and find the idea of selling the property from so far away overwhelming. Also consider that you will have to pay a significant percentage of your inherited property’s value towards capital gains tax. Your current financial situation may need the immediate release of equity to settle debts, invest in a business or address some other pressing financial concern. Perhaps you know from past experience that the process of selling through estate agents is complex drawn-out, and this is not an eventuality you can afford.

Our process could not be simpler. We arrange a "free assessment" of your inherited property within 24 hours of your call. Other companies may charge up to £1,000 for this service – however, with us it’s totally free – all we ask in return is you are serious about selling to us and you are aware that we offer 15 - 20% below market value. .

Empty Homes

Empty Home Option: We will buy empty homes, or will joint venture with owners who for whatever reason cannot afford to bring properties back into use. House Sale Option can also act as your sole agent, liaising with local councils and housing associations to ensure prompt action and a speedy conclusion.

House Option Sales are pioneers in the sector via our website and we offer guidance on a consultancy basis to help owners through the red tape, forms and paperwork, should they qualify for a Government-backed Empty Home Loan or grants that may be available.

* Landlords can now benefit from Option House™ commercial strategies with the Landlord Rescue Management Scheme™. *Guaranteed rent for 2-5 years, no hidden fees, take full advantage of current market conditions and secure your investments. - Contact us NOW!

Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring: A question we get asked time-and-again is; can you deal with my creditors for me? We are being bullied, harassed, we don't know how to deal with it and we can't do this anymore?

The answer is YES! – With your agreement, we will, seek to negotiate (with your lender) or lenders to try to come to some form of  ‘debt reduction’ arrangement. Part of our service also includes debt restructuring. This involves arranging a debt plan for the vendors or arranging a remortgage for them which helps lighten their financial burdens. *Remortgage route is only taken if we cannot arrange a suitable settlement with secured loan lenders.

Negotiating debt restructuring requires, in-depth experience and expertise. We charge a fee of *£250 to begin the process of negotiating with the lenders. If we are successful a further £250 (taken from the agreed purchase price) will be payable to us. If we are unsuccessful in negotiating with the lender your initial fee of £250 will be returned in full.

* This is the only service HOUSE OPTION SALES™ charge for: As the process of dealing with secured loan lenders cannot be fast-tracked and its often lengthy. It is time-intensive and involves spending considerable hours on the phone negotiating with lenders, as well as filling out detailed paper-based forms. ALL of our other services are FREE to our clients.